The numbers on the left margin denote line numbers. line# 01 class LL_node { 02 int val; 03 LL_node next; 04 public LL_node (int n)

The numbers on the left margin denote line numbers. line# 01 class LL_node { 02     int val; 03     LL_node next; 04     public LL_node (int n) { 05         val = n; 06         next = null; 07     } 08     public void set_next (LL_node nextNode) { 09         next = nextNode; 10     } 11     public LL_node get_next () { 12         return next; 13     } 14     public void set_value (int input) { 15         val = input; 16     } 17     public int get_value () { 18         return val; 19     } 20 } 21 public class LL { 22     protected LL_node head; 23     protected LL_node tail; 24     public LL () { 25         head = null; 26         tail = null; 27     } 28     public int append (int n) { 29         if (head == null) { 30             head = new LL_node(n); 31             tail = head; 32         } else { 33             LL_node new_node; 34             new_node = new LL_node(n); 35             tail.set_next (new_node); 36             tail = new_node; 37         } 38         return n; 39     } 40 } which the following statement is true (it can be more than one correct answers A.To search an element in a linked list represented by an object/instance of class LL, we have to start from the head node and traverse the list until we find the element or reach the tail node without success. B.When the linked list represented by an object/instance of class LL is empty, the head and tail references point to null. C.An object/instance of class LL can represent a linked list that allows nodes to be added at the tail end only. D.The advantage of having the reference to the tail node along with the head node in class LL is that we can start searching the list from the tail node and continue till the head node, until we have found the element or the search has failed.

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