Question: 1. Do you feel the healthcare team acted in unison to provide for the needs of Mrs. Silver and her family? 2. Would you

Question: 1. Do you feel the healthcare team acted in unison to
provide for the needs of Mrs. Silver and her family? 2. Would you
have acted differently to provide a therapeutic encounter during
this difficult time? 3. How many different healthcare team members
did you identify? List them and their roles, . SIMULATION VIDEO: COMMUNICATION ABOUT CLIENT AGING MR. SILVER: Iris, this is Darcy. She’s the case manager nurse.
She’s the one that’s going to us with the move. MRS. SILVER:
What move? MR. SILVER: We’re going to move to the other building.
We won’t have to cook our own meals anymore. And they have some
really nice nurses that will you get ready in the mornings.
MRS. SILVER: Are we going somewhere in the morning? MR. SILVER: Oh
yes, Iris. We’re moving to a really nice place. This is Darcy, and
she’ll us get settled. And, this is Jamie. She’s a student
nurse. She’s learning all about this stuff. JAMIE: Hello, Mrs.
Silver. It is very nice to meet you. DARCY: Mr. Silver, the last
time we talked, you expressed to me that you would like your
daughter to be involved in our conversations. Did you tell her
about our appointment? MR. SILVER: Yes, yes I did. She’s on her
way. She called and said that she should be on time. DARCY: Well,
then let’s wait for her. MR. SILVER: That would be great. I really
need for her to hear everything you have to say about this move. I
forget sometimes and my eyesight isn’t so good. (NOISE – Knocking
on door) There she is now. NINA: Hi everyone, so sorry I’m late.
Hello, Pappy. Hello, Momma. DARCY: We were just talking about you.
I’m glad that you could join us. I want to introduce you to Jamie.
She is the student nurse that is working with me today. If you
don’t mind, she will be sitting in on our meeting. NINA: Oh, it’s
nice to meet you. DARCY: I have some information here to give you
about the facility you will be moving to. It includes the
guidelines with the level of care and services that will be
provided. There is also information regarding our nutritional and
dietary services. MR. SILVER: My eyesight is too bad. I can’t read
all of this. MR. SILVER: I’m worried about this transition
%SimulationName% Video Transcript DARCY: you everyone for
attending this care conference. As you know, Mr. and Mrs. Silver
are transferring to a room in the skilled facility. I thought we
should discuss the best way to make this move a success for them
and for their daughter, Nina, since this decision was not entirely
their choice. The needs that they require are more than what can be
offered at the assisted living facility. JOHANNA: Could you tell us
why they need to move? DARCY: They’ve been residents of our
assisted living community for the past five years. Mr. Silver’s
declining eyesight and Iris’ advancing dementia are precipitating
this move. It has become increasingly difficult for Mr. Silver to
care for his wife. Does anyone have any questions? JAMIE: It says
in Mrs. Silver’s documentation that she isn’t understanding the
move. How will we explain this to her? TRUDY: And I understand
their daughter, Nina, is 100 percent involved in their care. Should
we have her here? DARCY: Okay, let me answer one question at a time
%SimulationName% Video Transcript DARCY: Good morning, Mr. and Mrs.
Silver. Good morning, Nina. You are here early today. NINA: Yes,
Pappy wanted me to come by this morning. DARCY: Oh, okay. I stopped
in to see how everyone is doing. The two of you have been here a
few days now. MR. SILVER: Not good. DARCY: Oh? Tell me about it.
MR. SILVER: Iris just doesn’t want to do anything anymore. DARCY: I
don’t think I understand what you are telling me. MR. SILVER: She
just doesn’t want to get out of bed. I don’t know what to do. NINA:
I think that this move has been very difficult for my parents
%SimulationName% Video Transcript TIM: Good morning, Mr. and Mrs.
Silver. How are both of you this morning? MRS. SILVER: Mmmorning.
MR. SILVER: We are good this morning. What did you bring us for
breakfast? TIM: I brought you scrambled eggs, sausage, a bagel and
a fruit bowl. I didn’t forget your coffee. MR. SILVER: Take this
back to the kitchen. We can’t eat it. TIM: Oh, that’s right. You
requested a Kosher diet. MR. SILVER: Darcy, once again we’re served
food we can’t eat %SimulationName% Video Transcript DARCY:
you all for coming. I scheduled this conference to talk about
changes in Mr. and Mrs. Silver’s care needs. They’ve been living
together in the skilled facility for several months. I’m seeing
more and more documentation that Mrs. Silver has been wandering
away from the unit. Mr. Silver, even though your room is next to
the nurses’ station, we have a concern for your wife’s safety. MR.
SILVER: It’s really not that bad. I sleep when she sleeps. I think
she’s still getting used to these new surroundings. Sometimes I
forget where I am, too. Isn’t that right, Iris? NINA: Pappy, you
look so tired. I know you are trying so hard to watch out for her,
and I’m worried about both of you. JOHANNA: We think that Mrs.
Silver needs to transfer to our secure unit. Do you remember when
we talked that this might be necessary? MR. SILVER: We’ve been
married for 55 years. I just don’t know how we can get along
without each other. NINA: Is this move really necessary? Are there
any other options

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