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It is extremely important that we continuously research and remain abreast of the latest data available regarding offenders and crimes and their victims. You are hired as an outside consultant by the Department of Criminal Justice (DCJ) in your state to provide research on the characteristics of offenders and victims.

  • How is age a factor in being an offender or a victim?
  • What crimes are juveniles most often arrested for?
  • According to the Bureau of Justice Studies (BJS) in 2003, what was the breakdown of victims by race per 1,000 persons?
  • What are the similarities between crime victims and crime suspects in terms of age, race, and gender?
  • Explain who commits more crime by gender.
  • What crimes are more frequently committed by men versus women?
  • Does marital or employment status contribute to being a victim of crime?
  • What percentages of victims know their offenders?
  • Are you more likely to be murdered by someone you know?
  • How can law enforcement use advancements in the investigative process to counter these trends?
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