Module 2 discussion 1 – esfandyar

This discussion continues our examination of the hero.  Esfandyar is the quintessential hero in Persian culture.  We will investigate and discuss how Esfandyar may set standards for his culture and how his journey and interactions with other characters help establish preferred behaviors in his society.


Please consider some or all of the following questions when posting to the discussion on Esfandyar:

How does Esfandyar illustrate the preferred quality of societal standards – as a hero?
To what extent does ambition play a part?
Does he learn, grow, progress as a person and a hero?
Please cite specific episodes from the story.

Remember to proofread your posts! Minimum posts to qualify for full points:  1 initial and 2 replies in 3 different sessions.  1st post must be made by Wednesday!

Note: See the Schedule for due dates and the Course Rubrics for grading information in the Start Here! Module.

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