Heavy metals extraction: chemical industry, oil refineries and

  1. Site information: Provide information on the source(s), amount, extent, fate, and transport characteristics of the contaminant(s) at each site. Be as specific as possible. Include soil and hydrogeology, as applicable. 
  2. Remediation technology review: Present a general review of current remediation technologies applicable to each site. Do not limit it to biological remediation. Include biological, physical, chemical, and thermal technologies. 
  3. Recommend bioremediation and/or phytoremediation strategy: Recommend a bioremediation and/or phytoremediation strategy that you think is most suitable for these sites. Provide your rationale. Use one or two strategies (must be biological). 
  4. Critique and assess the remediation technology chosen: Provide the advantages and disadvantages of the selected technology. Also include methods for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the chosen technology.

The paper should be double-spaced and written in a Times New Roman, 12-point font size. There should be four sections (see below), and each section should have a heading (i.e., Site Selection and Information). The paper should be written in paragraph form and include appropriate references and citations. List your references in the last section (Wikipedia is not a valid reference!). Please be sure to use the most current references. Please limit your paper to 10 to 15 pages (including figures and references). 
You can submit your project as PowerPoint Presentation. Please make sure that your presentation followed the same sections as a written paper. There is no limit to the number of slides as you covered all sections and the materials required. 

Projects are due on Monday, May 2nd at 11:59 PM. 

Rubric: (150 points) 

          I.      Site selection and information (includes #1 & #2): 30 points 

  • Are at least three sites chosen? 
  • Do they all have similar contamination problem(s)? 
  • Are the sources, amounts, extent, fate, and transport characteristics included? Is the soil, water, and/or hydrogeology addressed? 

         II.      Review of remediation technology (#3): 50 points 

Are all applicable biological, physical, chemical, and/or thermal remediation techniques addressed in a coherent and comprehensive manner using the most current and relevant references? 

       III.      Biological remediation strategy for selected sites (includes #4, #5 & #6): 50 points 

  1. Is the design of the remediation strategy biologically based? Is the chosen technology logical and feasible for the sites? 
  2. Is there a detailed plan of the technologies included in the paper? Is a logical rationale for the technologies included? 
  3. Are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology addresses? Are they site-specific? 
  4. Is a reasonable monitoring and evaluation plan designed/outlined? Are feasible improvements of the technology included? 
  5. Are these improvements consistent with the disadvantages? 

      IV.      References: 20 points 

  1. Are there at least 6 valid references included? 
  2. Are all references cited in the body of the paper using a standard and acceptable format? 
  3. Are all references cited in the paper also listed in the references section using a standard and acceptable format? 
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