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Project Description:

You are the newly-hired membership director of Sam’s Gym and one of your responsibilities is to put together a membership package providing essential information to the new members. You quickly collected information from various sources and wrote a draft about the gym and its services. Now you are ready to format the draft to enhance readability and highlight important information. In the following project, you will format the document to enhance readability and appearance. You will create, modify, and apply styles; apply bullets and numbering; and insert three pictures into the document.


Start   Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch02_Cap_SamGym.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. Ensure that nonprinting   characters are displayed.


Change the document theme to   Integral, theme colors to Median, and theme fonts to Cambria.

  If the theme is not available, click Browse for Themes, and then select the   downloaded theme file Integral.thmx.



Ensure that the insertion point   is in the first paragraph of the document. Create a paragraph style and name   it Title_Page_1 with the following formats: 22   pt font size, and a font color of Ice Blue, Accent 1, Darker 25% (fifth row,   fifth column). The new style is applied to the first line of the document, Sam’s Gym.


Select the second paragraph, Membership Information, and change the   font size to 16 and apply a font color of Ice Blue, Accent 1, Darker 25%.


Place the insertion point after   the colon in the line Updated by:   and type Laura Sims. Change the capitalization for Laura Sims to Small caps. 


Select document text from the   paragraph beginning with Introduction   and ending with Membership Fees.   Justify the selected text and change line spacing to 1.15. 


Place the insertion point on the   left side of the Introduction paragraph   (below Laura Sims) and insert a   page break (not a section break). 


Apply Heading 1 style to Introduction and Facility Description on page 2, Activities on page 3, and Membership   Fees on page 4. 


Apply Heading 2 style to   paragraph headings, including Operational   Hours, Holiday Hours, Childcare Hours, Group Exercise Class Description, and Individual Training Packages


Modify Heading 2 style to use   Dark Red font color (the first color under Standard Colors). 


Select the second paragraph in   the Mission Statement section,   beginning with Mission Statement   and ending with individual training   programs, and apply these formats:
  • 1” left and right indent
  • 6 pt spacing after the paragraph
  • Boxed 3/4 pt border using the color Dark Red (the first choice in Standard   Colors)
  • Shading of Ice Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80% (second row, fifth column)

  Delete the blank paragraph above the Facility Description heading.


Select the nine holidays listed   in the Holiday Hours section and   display them in two columns with a line between the columns.


Select the 6 paragraphs in the Group Exercise Class Description   section on page 3 starting with Gentle   Strength and ending with low impact   Zumba moves. Apply the default diamond bullet to the selected text.


Select the ten paragraphs in the   Group Exercise Class Description   section on page 3 starting with Barre   and ending with music while burning   calories. Apply a solid round bullet to the selected text.


Apply the default numbered-list   format (1., 2., 3.) to the four types of packages in the Individual Training Packages section. 


Apply a 1” left tab and a 4”   right tab with a dot leader (the leader applies to 4″ tab stop only) to   the three schedule items in the Childcare   Hours section on page 3.


Insert the picture file Gym.jpg at the beginning of the   paragraph that contains Welcome to   Sam’s Gym in the Introduction   section. Change the height of the picture to 2”, and apply Top and Bottom   text wrapping. Apply the Center Shadow Rectangle Picture Style and the Film   Grain Artistic Effect. Position the picture so that it appears below the Introduction heading.


Insert the picture file Swimming.jpg at the blank paragraph   below the paragraph beginning with The   gym is founded by Sam in the Facility   Description section. Change the height of the picture to 2.1”, and apply   Top and Bottom text wrapping. Apply the Simple Frame, White Picture style   (first row, first column) to the graphic. Position the picture so that it   appears below the Facility Description   paragraph and ensure that it stays at the bottom of page 2.


At the beginning of the Group Exercise Class Description   heading, insert an Online Picture using the search word yoga and then insert an appropriate   image from the results.

  Select and delete any additional text boxes that may display when the image   is inserted. To avoid file size limitations, compress the online picture once   it is inserted.

  Change the height of the picture to 2.5″ and text wrapping to Top and   Bottom. Apply the Reflected Bevel, White Picture Style (sixth row, first   column). Position the picture so that it is below the Group Exercise Class Description heading.


Spell check and review the   entire document.


Display the document in Outline   view. Collapse all paragraphs so only lines formatted as Heading 1 or Heading   2 display. Move the Membership Fees   section to above the Activities   section, and delete the blank paragraph above the Operational Hours heading. Close Outline view.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch02_Cap_SamGym.docx. Exit   Word. Submit the file as directed.

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