Due in 5 hours…..no cover or reference page needed….. answers


due in 5  hours…..no cover or reference page needed…..  answers must be at  least 3 lines or answered almost completely. Thank you

1.  “White Rabbit” by the Jefferson Airplane is an example of the numerous  influences by the musicians during the psychedelic era. What is the  musical rhythm derived from? How does the double-entendre lyrics help to  expand the atmosphere of the song?
2. “Sunshine of Your Love” is  one of the best-known songs by Cream. What is the basis of this song?  What influences can be heard in this piece? Does the band’s technical  prowess add or detract from the performance?
3. “Purple Haze” is  possibly the most popular song by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, rising to  #5 on the Billboard charts. Hendrix is considered to be one of the (if  not the) most influential electric guitarists in rock music. What about  his style set him apart from his contemporaries (including Clapton and  Beck)? What is your opinion of his influence? 

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