Coun 515 final exam (2019)


  1. A _________________ is a graph which represents a correlation coefficient
  2. A correlational, on its own, determines __________
  3. In correlation research, an inverse relationship implies that no relationship exists
  4. Action research includes all of the components of the research process occurring at separate times
  5. Regression analysis is a statistical analysis that allows researchers to determine causation
  6. Correlational studies identify the degree to which one variable causes a change in another.
  7. Correlational studies are looking for ________
  8. ∑ represents the symbol for “the multiplication of”
  9. A correlation may be considered weak if the correlation coefficient falls between the values of:
  10. Factors that usually lead to students becoming scientist practitioners include __________
  11. A statistical relationship where a decrease in one variable is related to an increase in another is called a(an):
  12. In a double blind research study the ________
  13. Samples where the probability of being selected is not zero are _______
  14. Research is the same as general inquiry.
  15. In the class video on John Gottman’s Love Lab, the device that measures fidgeting was called:
  16. The sampling technique often seen in psychological research is convenience sampling.
  17. The following are examples of scientist practitioners except ______
  18. The following terms may be more associated with quantitative research than qualitative:
  19. The Nuremberg code came about because of Stanley Milgram’s study.
  20. The correlation coefficient, which measures reliability, is considered a “strong” relationship between the values of ______ and ______
  21. The likelihood of a type one error is measured by _____.
  22. The Wilcoxon ranked sum test, is a nonparametric test. It is similar to the parametric independent samples t-test. According to Jackson, some of the assumptions of the Wilcoxon ranked sum-test include:
  23. Which of the following is true regarding a one-tailed test?
  24. The z test is a parametric statistical test that allows us to test the null hypothesis for a single sample when the population variance is known.
  25. Nonparametric tests are tests that can be used when population parameters are not needed.
  26. Inferential statistics help researchers avoid making overgeneralizations based on one experience.
  27. A ballroom dancing metaphor can be used to describe the nature of reporting results in terms of the null hypothesis because:
  28. Which of the following is true about a type two error?
  29. It is typically suggested that researchers avoid terms like “prove.” What is true with respect to this statement?
  30. Using the Jackson textbook, figure 5.7, with a standard normal distribution, 95% of scores fall within 3 standard deviations from the mean.
  31. The difference between population means in terms of standard deviations is called the effect size.
  32. The chi-square (χ2) goodness-of-fit test is a nonparametric statistical test used for comparing categorical information against what we would expect based on previous knowledge.
  33. A test that can be used with nominal data is:
  34. The alternative hypothesis (researcher’s hypothesis) represents what the researcher is trying to support.
  35. If the population mean and standard deviation is known, the researcher should use a _________.
  36. Factorial designs refer to:
  37. A characteristic that distinguishes experimental design from other research designs is ______:
  38. Confounding variables are:
  39. The post facto design can speak to the cause and effect of a relationship.
  40. It has been said that the methods section of a research proposal is the most concrete of all the sections.
  41. According to Jackson, one of the benefits of using more than one group, is that the use of multiple groups allows for the addition of a placebo group.
  42. There is a chance that a researcher can create two equal groups.
  43. The participants in post facto design are measured on a trait that the participant already possesses.
  44. Examples of quasi-experimental designs include ___________________.
  45. A design in which participants are measured on a trait they already possess and assigned to categories based on that trait, rather than manipulating the independent variable is the ______________.
  46. The quasi-experimental research design, on the continuum of robustness is usually at one end of the continuum with the correlational design at the opposite end.
  47. A research design often used in the behavioral sciences, especially counseling is known as the:
  48. When creating groups, a researcher can feel more confident about how equivalent they are based on ___________________.
  49. The nonequivalent control group design involves a group comparison where the control group is equivalent to the research group.
  50. Since quasi-experimental research is on the continuum of robustness between true experimental design and correlational research:


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