Cloud computing assignment | CMIT495

Now that you understand and have created a virtual machine, your Caduceus CTO, Eliza, has asked you to extend that application and provision infrastructure in the cloud. Specifically, you will provision multiple operating systems to include Microsoft Windows and Linux in the cloud and can use the Amazon WorkSpace Client for access.  You may also use any other software that provides a secure connection between your device and the AWS virtual machines you create.  The provisioned infrastructure could be accessed by any end-user device running the AWS Client, or any other software allows for secure connections. This includes a desktop running Microsoft Windows, a Mac device running Apple MacOS, iPad, Android Tablet, and even a Google Chromebook. You will use any of the aforementioned end-user devices to access the provision infrastructure once this is set up.  Finally, you will demonstrate additional services that are offered through AWS.

Step 1: Log in to the AWS Dashboard

CMIT 495 requires you to complete hands-on assignments in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual environment.

To get started, log in to the free AWS Educate account you created in Week 1.

Step 2: Download the Week 2 Assignment Template

Next, download the Week 2 Assignment Template. You will answer the questions and embed the appropriate screenshots of your cloud infrastructure provision as you work.

When providing a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Windows operating system on the virtual machine, make sure to include screenshots of each step in the process. Specific details and instructions are included within the Week 2 Assignment Template.

Note, you will have to install more than just the Microsoft Windows operating system to complete the Week 2 assignment.  For example, question 3 of the Week 2 Assignment template asks you to create a network file system using Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).  However, AWS documentation states, “Using Amazon EFS with Microsoft Windows–based Amazon EC2 instances is not supported.”  Therefore, students will have to launch a Linux instance as they did in Week 1 to complete question 3.  A successful outcome for the Week 2 Assignment requires students to read the appropriate AWS documentation about the task they are being asked to complete.  The documentation will make clear whether the Microsoft Windows Operating System or some other Operating System is required.

Step 3: Install and Configure the Appropriate Operating System

  • Provision cloud infrastructure via Amazon and a OS platform (PaaS) by installing and configuring the most appropriate Operating System to answer each question of the template.  Access should be made possible via the Amazon WorkSpace Client, or a software of your choosing.

Step 4: Upload Your Work to the Assignment Folder

  • When complete, export your file as a PDF and upload to the LEO Assignments Folder (e.g., Week 2 – Cloud Computing).

Step 5: Stop and Terminate Your Amazon Instance

After you complete the Week 2 Assignment, stop and terminate your Amazon deployment/instances.

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