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: 6 8 Outre Ⓡ mity B BO O 99 wings ple University of www bemo Play NEW www Makedo Flag Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice 55 May 56 57 A 25-year-old female experiences a headache and takes aspinn for relet which of the following effects will be the most likely to her headache? Select one OA Decreased prostaglandin production Os increased thromboane production Oc Decreased leukotriene production OD increased histamine release corticosteroits have anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties which of the wing is one of the main antflammatory eff corticosteroidi? Select one OA innbleng the synthesis production of key inflammatory mediator OB Inting the COX-2 enzyme pathway that leads to the production of prostars in pepheral O increasing the activity of phospholipase which forms arachidonic acid from cell membrane phospholipids OD Stulating the release of histamine tom mast cells and the megration of macrophages throughout our tes which of the following would be the LEAST appropriate choice for analgesia in a patients Select one OA Aspirin O Paracetamol OC Codeine OD Celecox P story of a slow/ong INR Onternational nomaised SPC Savy & ERS Kuna Apour YOU JUNE
(→ M S Dad 8 Course Outline Content O Acc vy B Gade Exte 29 Resources B 100 People Unity a South A Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice O $8 Nett they Previous page Which of the following side effects are possible if a person is taking an liporygenase inhibitor? Deceased chemotaxis & Decreased plattet aggregation increased platelet aggregation Vasodiation v. Decreased intestinal mucous Select one OA LEV OR AV OC LN OD LIKV COX-2 whibitory drugs may increase the risk of strokes in some patients because Select one D OA CON-2 stimulates the formation of clotting proteins within the clotting cascade O COX-2products trigger platelets to become sticky and aggregate Oc cox-2 is thrombo-regulatory On cox-2 is pro-thrombotic Next page
‘ «] •[ ªi •If •[ ª1 •[ •] 0[ 01 Cou Uity a Haba Not H na Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice 12 14 which of the following does NOT describe a second generation medication? Select one OA They are usually more effective at treating their target doeases O They are often associated with fewer side effects Oc They are developed from the structure of an cartier medication OD They do not interact with other medications Drugs may act by Select one Ocking chemicals in the body O Mocking chemical reactions OC Altering ced shapes OD A and are conect which of the flowing is NOT a pharmacokinetic activity? Select one OA Protein albumin binding O Agonist receptor interactions Oc Ostribution O rust pass effect *** diminitate the best choic Ell A M *132* F MA W P $3 953 1 A#A 22K 1 = 8 Time left 156:41

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